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  • MLQU is home in Quezon City

  • MLQU sets up new facility for law students, continuing education
    Posted by Admin: Dec 20, 2017


    Education remains one of main building blocks in nation-building.

    Hence, the quest for professional advancement and continuing education matters much to individuals, driving them to be equipped with new, modern and suitable solutions for every challenge that come their way. This is so because life on earth is an ongoing experience involving complex changes not only affecting people’s lifestyles but also the evolving environment where people and other living things live and exist.

    It is in this light that officials of Manuel L. Quezon University recently launched a new facility called MLQU SPACE in partnership with Vigattin Radio and Radyo Inquirer 990 to help professionals broaden their knowledge and perspectives.


    SPACE stands for School for Professional Advancement and Continuing Education which offers graduate studies and law courses to students desiring to acquire continuing quality education.

    A few months ago, a ”mysterious” billboard ad was put up along the North Luzon Expressway and South Luzon Expressway with the text: “Maghihintay Ako – Manuel”. It became a trending topic on social media. It turned out that this was just a teaser on MLQU’s Grand Alumni homecoming on May 22, 2015.

    It was then followed by another billboard ad which was placed along EDSA saying “Maghihintay ako sa EDSA” which reflects on noted law graduates of MLQU.

    Last October 9, 2015, MLQU presented the new SPACE facility at Victoria Sports Towers in GMA Kamuning, Quezon City. The building is owned by New San Jose Builders Inc. (NSJBI), which bought MLQU in 2014. Since the purchase, NSJBI started upgrading the school’s facilities while retaining the legacy of the university.

    The new facility has about 30 rooms that can accommodate 3,000 students. It will accept students taking up Law; the university’s original site on F. R. Hidalgo Street in Quiapo, Manila, will continue to operate and serve the current students taking up various courses.

    “It’s about time that we get back on track and build the culture of excellence and legacy of becoming an outstanding institution,” says Dr. Isagani German, NSJBI co-chair and president of MLQU.


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