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    Posted by Admin: Jun 10, 2020

    Will MLQU open Academic Year 2020-2021?


    Yes! MLQU will definitely open Academic Year 2020-2021. Opening is tentatively scheduled on August 24, 2020.


    What are the plans of MLQU this coming School Year?


    MLQU is preparing its Learning Management System (LMS) for the incoming Semester. The preparation includes provision of E-Syllabus, creating and managing the content for the syllabus, and the training of faculty.


    What type of learning will we expect from the faculty?


    MLQU will comply with CHED’s directive of blended-learning. Faculty will use a combination of both synchronous and asynchronous learning.


    We often hear about synchronous and asynchronous learning. What are these and how do they differ?


    Synchronous and Asynchronous learning are both considered as online education.  Synchronous learning is online (or distance) education that happens in real time, whereas asynchronous learning occurs through online channels that does not require real-time interaction. The use of both methods is what is referred to as blended-learning.


    I paid my matriculation fees in full for last Semester, will I get a refund?


    Students who have paid their fees in full are eligible for a rebate which may be used for the incoming Semester. The rebate will be deducted from your matriculation fee upon enrollment.


    I paid in installment mode last Semester, what will happen to my balance?


    You will be re-computed of the fees to consider the refund/discount applicable for the Semester. The balance may be given a flexible term of payment. This arrangement must be coordinated with the Treasury Office.


    Can I enroll next School Year, First Semester, even if I have a balance from the last Semester?


    Yes, you can! You may apply a flexible term of payment of balance from last Semester from the Accounting Office.  


    Will there be an adjustment in tuition fee for next semester?


    What you pay for when you enroll is called matriculation fee. This is composed of Tuition Fee, Academic Fee, and Miscellaneous Fee. Yes, there will be an adjustment in the Academic and Miscellaneous Fee but not in Tuition Fee. The tuition fee is appropriated for services that will never change even when  we migrate to flexible learning.


    I am a graduate of Batch 2020, what should I do now?


    Graduates of Batch 2020 are those who have satisfactorily completed all academic requirements from the following periods: Summer of 2019, Decemberian 2019, and May 2020. If you belong to any of the periods mentioned, you may proceed to apply for graduation. This is available on both online and personal modes. For personal application, you will have to file your application personally by visiting the campus. For online application, please visit the MLQU website for the link on Application for Graduation. Those who have filed their application before need not re-apply.


    I need to request for credentials, will I be entertained if I visit the School?


    Yes. However, it is strongly encouraged that you make an appointment to guarantee that you will be serviced during your visit to the school. This will also allow you to avoid long queues and guarantee prompt delivery of services.


    I am an incoming student, when can I take the entrance exam?


    Entrance exam is waived at the moment for all incoming Tertiary students. This is true for both freshmen and transferees.


    I am an incoming School of Law student, am I also exempted from taking the entrance exam?


    Incoming Law students are required to take the assessment exam. This may be scheduled by contacting the School of Law at 8683-2324. The exam is free of charge.


    Are you accepting Senior High School enrollees ?


    We regret to inform you that we are not going to accept Senior High School enrollees for this School Year. This is also applicable for our Basic Education offerings.



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