- BS Civil Engineering
          - BS Electrical Engineering
          - BS Electronics Engineering
          - BS Environmental and Sanitary Engineering
          - BS Computer Science

Engr. Raul C. Asis
Dean, School of Engineering & Information Technology

Engr. Dante B. Potante
Program Chair, Department of Civil Engineering

Engr. Fernando Victor de Vera
Program Chair, Department of ECE, CoE, IT

The School of Engineering and Information Technology shall provide students with the required skills and competencies in order to achieve the following objectives:

a) To train students to think critically, communicate clearly, and collaborate effectively in the application of technical and scientific principles in engineering and information technology.
b) To prepare students to work effectively in the engineering and IT professions both in private and governmental organizations.
c) To help students gain knowledge and skills to identify, formulate, and apply solutions to different real-life problems using the modern technology.
d) To involve students in specialized training through coursework and research that will have a significant impact to society.

Engr. Leonardo C. Sawal
. Evaluator - PACUCOA
. National Auditor - Philippine Society of Environmental and Sanitary Engineers, Inc.
. ASEAN Engineer

USEC. Raul C. Asis (Ret.)
. Undersecretary for Technical Services, DPWH
. Director IV (1996) Bureau of Research and Standards

Engr. Wilfredo Lopez
. Former Chief Structural Engineer DPWH
. President (ASEP) 2008-2009 . Consultant - DILG

Engr. Francis Valderama
. ACI Philippines
. Bridge Engineer Hyder Consulting

Engr. Anthony Vladimir Pimentel
. President (ASEP) 2010-2011
. Principal Structural Engineer, Saudi Arabia, Guam and Philippines

Engr. Razon C. Domingo
. 8th Placer, October 2014 - BS Environmental and Sanitary Engineering Board Examination

Engr. Danilo Domingo
. Vice President / Board of Director, Association of Civil Engineers of the Philippines
. Chief Operating Officer DA Domingo Engineering Consultancy

Adjunct Faculty
Engr. Adam C. Abinales
. Consultant Manila Water, Bayantel, and SMART Communications
. President - Association of Structural Engineers of the Philippines (2011-2012)

Engr. Christopher Paulo T. Tamayo
. President - Association of Structural Engineers of the Philippines (2007- 2008)
. Member of the Board of Examiners - Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers, Inc.
. Recognized Structural Specialist - Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers, Inc.

Engr. Juanito D. Cunanan
. Director - Association of Structural Engineers of the Philippines (ASEP)

Engr. Christian Baldo
. Lecturer (CEBALDO Training Center)
. 2nd Placer, May 2016 Civil Engineering Board Examination

Engr. Rakiin A. Sacar

Engr. Ronaldo S. Ison
. President R.S. Ison & Associates
. President Association of Structural Engineers of the Philippines (2002 -2004)
- Chancellor, College of Fellows

Engr. Carlos M. Villaraza
. Lecturer - PAGASA Strategic Planning Program
. Trainor and lecturer to the Bhuttan Ministry of Education
. Earthquake Lecturer to the Royal Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Council of Engineer

Engr. Miriam Lusica-Tamayo, M.S.C.E., FASEP
. Chairman of the National Structural Code of the Philippines Committee for Housing
. President of the PICE Makati Chapter . President - Association of Structural Engineers of the Philippines (2012-2013)
. Member of the PICE National Board of Directors in 2004, 2008, and 2009 and to date

Engr. Cesar Pabalan
Chairman Response Group, Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers, Inc.

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